Welcome to My Student Essentials, what we offer is quite simple; we take the stress and hassle out of getting all of the stuff you need for Uni by delivering one high quality package to your new Uni home when you arrive, or your current home before you leave.

Students can enjoy our high quality kitchen utensils and seriously comfy bedding, parents can sigh in relief.

Our flexible and reliable delivery options are tailored for ultimate convenience, whether you would like your package delivered to your specific University on the day that you move in or to your home beforehand. You can be assured that you will have all of your essentials when you need them.

Students only eating beans is a misconception, a cliché, the modern student in the UK will cook, will bake and even cook for others! They now have the right tools to do so.

Students sleeping in until 2 or 3 are not a misconception and are thus provided with bedding fit for a king.

Why Choose My Student Essentials?

A good question; we have three main reasons:

  • These packages are the highest quality on the market.
  • We are proud to say that 99.2% of students received their packages on their chosen date (and in one piece.)
  • We have never had a package returned.

How Did We Start?

My Student Essentials was initially started by a 2nd Year Business Student who had a problem- having to constantly shop around for various items for their halls and then student house.

They found that trying to get all of the essentials he needed under one roof was either difficult or very expensive. Like many students, they did not bring a car to University and finding a place within walking distance to get items such as plates or a good duvet was impossible.

That problem has now been solved.

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