Q?How Can I track my parcel?

You will get an email 3 days before your pack is delivered to you saying it is on its way, if you need any more details please emails us and we will give you any information you need.

Q?Can I get it delivered to a University Office/ front desk?

Yes, if you are unsure about how to do this please email us and we can even contact the University for you.

Q?I want an item not included in your packs, how can I get it?

Please email us detailing what item you need and we will try our best to have the item included within the pack you choose.

Q?Can I get my package delivered at a particular time?

We can only guarantee deliveries on particular days rather than exact times. For example if you choose delivery on 28th September it will be delivered between 9-5. If you are not in to receive the package we recommend you get it delivered to a University Front desk, University reception or home before you leave. If you need any help arranging this please email us today, we can contact the University for you.

Q?What if my delivery is late?

Because our packages are delivered via recorded delivery by our trusted couriers 99.5% of our packages get delivered on time, if one is late we will give you £20.00 cashback on the price of your pack on all orders over £60.00.

Q?What if something is broken or missing?

We will send out the missing or broken items the next working day.

Q?Where can I get my pack delivered?

You can get your package delivered anywhere you need, including your home, University halls/house or University front desk. If you are unsure about where to get the pack delivered please email us so we can help.

Q?Is your website safe and secure?

Yes, we use Paypal as our payment host, meaning that you can pay using your credit card, debit card or Paypal account with confidence. You can also see details of our SSL certificate at the top of the homepage.

Q?What if I do not know my uni address yet?

That’s fine! Simply tick the no address option on the checkout page and email us when you find out your new address, Universities typically tell you the new address two weeks before you start.

We only need 48 Hours’ notice to change or add a parcels delivery address.

Email us at info@mystudentessentials.co.uk

Q?I have another question, how do I contact you?

The best way to contact us is by email. We are happy to answer any questions or resolve any problems and we will answer emails within 24 hours maximum; however we can answer most emails within just a few hours.


Q?What guarantees do I have with electrical items?

Any items that prove to be faulty will be replaced free of charge, if returned within 14 days. Just email or call us and we will advise you what to do.

Q?What if there is something I need that is not shown in your store?

Simply send us an email telling us exactly what you want and we will contact our numerous suppliers to get you the most competitive price. We are happy to put anything you need in your pack.

Q?What if I am no longer studying in the UK?

Provided we are informed early enough, we will cancel the order and refund the bank card used and you will not be charged.

Q?What if I change my mind about choice of University / College?

If you are still going to an institution in the UK, we can arrange for your Essentials Pack to be delivered to you, at no extra charge as long as the pack has not yet been dispatched. If you no longer require the pack, then we can cancel your order (if it has not left our warehouse) or take it back (if it has left us) for a small handling fee.

Q?I have pre-purchased an Essentials Pack; how and when will it be delivered?

Your University campus or accommodation block/halls will have a post collection area which will be close to your accommodation so as long as you provide the address of your accommodation, your pack will reach you on time. Many other students in your halls will also have their accommodation packs delivered to the same postage area as you. Alternatively, you can have the pack delivered to your home before you go to University; both options are delivered by our trusted couriers on the day that you specify.